Meet Leroy

Almost three years ago now, I introduced Earl the Plow Truck to the world via this blog. Earl served us well, suffering the indignities of plywood bodywork and duct tape repairs, never complaining and never leaving the yard.

Until last spring when he suffered the final fate of all farm trucks, the Expensive Mechanical Failure. Now he sits behind the barn awaiting the ramp truck from the NHSPCA vehicle donation program. We got our money’s worth.


The search was on for a replacement. I spotted a good looking one on a used car lot, then couldn’t remember where I’d seen it. Eventually I passed it again, and we brought Leroy into the fleet.


Significantly fancier and more expensive, Leroy should last longer and be more useful. It brings the total number of GMCs in the fleet to 4, joining the 1965 (Connor,) the 2004 (Emmett,) and the 2013 (Emma.) I’ve joked that now I need a 1972 and a 1984 to complete the set, but Mrs Mack505 starts to mumble about more horses so that won’t be happening.