INBOX:zero / Let It go

Ahh, Gmail. That wondrous invention from Google which allows us to never misplace or lose an email. Anything anyone has ever sent us is only a quick search away.

Every FB status, every Twitter notification. Every shipped package. Every unwanted advertisement. More than a few Russian girlfriends and miracle herbal supplements.

It’s no secret that Mrs. Mack505 and I have been struggling with the level of STUFF and complexity in our lives. Today I looked at that mass of information and realized I don’t need it. We would never consider filing every piece of mail we receive, yet we’ve been seduced into doing exactly that with electronic correspondence.

I’ve been at work, so I can’t clean the house.  I can, however, key <Ctrl-A> <delete> repeatedly in my free minutes.  I sent 5 or 6 important things to my Evernote account, converted a few reminders into schedule items, and wielded the virtual flamethrower.

At this moment my entire Gmail account contains 2 – yes, TWO – emails.

In the place of all that clutter, I’ve created three folders: BILLS, ACTION ITEMS, and READ & FILE. Incoming email will be sorted, processed, dealt with, and shredded just like its paper ancestors.

Wish me luck.