Minolta Autopak 400X – week 80 results

The Autopak 400X is a fairly typical 126 camera. Its most interesting feature is that the small round knob on the front is used to extend and retract the shutter button. Popping it up is cool, but it tends to get bumped in the camera bag. The automatic exposure feature seems to work; the red indicator shows when depressing the shutter indoors but not outside.

Unfortunately most 126 film in my experience is so expired as to be junk. These were the only remotely salvagable images from this camera, and they have required intense post-processing to get this far.




I think I’m done with 126 format cameras for now. While it is possible to reload the cartridges, I haven’t found the experience to be worth the effort. The different perforation scheme means that many of the cooler features of 126 (like spring winders) don’t translate to reloaded cartridges. I plan to keep my 126 rangefinder in hopes that Ferrania will someday reintroduce cartridge film, but I’m not holding my breath.