#PolaroidWeek2014 Day 2: The Frog


In 1997, Polaroid introduced a rounded, bulbous version of their popular One Step design. They were available in multiple colors, the most common of which seems to be green.   The gray version is known as the whale, and the green ones are frogs. Being among the last Polaroids produced, they are plentiful and usually still functional.


I have three frogs in my collection. Two work fine and the third had an unfortunate gavitational encounter.

I chose to load one with a pack of Polaroid 600 which had expired in July of 2009. Although not refrigerated, I know it was stored in a cool dry location prior to my acquisition.

In use the Frog is simple. Focus is fixed at 4 feet to infinity. A sliding closeup lens allows focus from 2-4 feet. The large yellow button on the side fires the shutter and flash, but a smaller gray tab below it allows shooting with ambient light only. This is a very handy if not obvious feature.

I’m very happy with the results.




Here they are with a slight bit of color correction:

201410 PolaFrog005201410 PolaFrog006