Week 79 – Pentax K1000 and slowing down


Introduced in 1978, the Pentax K1000 is a manual focus, manual exposure SLR. It has through the lens metering with a match needle. In the course of its 20 year production run the K1000 earned a reputation as a photography student’s camera.

I have two examples. One came from a yard sale for $10; the original owner stated she bought it for a class but never used it again. The other was an $8 thriftscore which came with a partially exposed roll of film. Both have 50mm prime lenses.

The K1000 has one pesky quirk. The meter cannot be turned off. If it is stored without a lens cap the battery will die. Fortunately the shutter is mechanically actuated.

I took mine on vacation last week. I just need to find the time to develop the results.


The 52 Cameras project will begin to slow after this. I have two competing forces fighting against it. I have reached a point where I find myself wishing to go back and work with my favorite cameras instead of moving forward.

I have also reached the realization that we have too much stuff. Everything is on the chopping block including my cameras. Over the coming weeks and months I will be trimming and thinning the collection to a manageable size. As much as I enjoy them, I no longer want to devote a whole room to them.

Rest assured I will continue shooting, and I may rotate guest cameras through the collection. Watch this space.

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