Spartus 35 – Week 75 results

The Spartus 35 provided a nice afternoon’s shooting. It’s relatively small, light, and simple to use. The viewfinder was useless, however, as it is full of dust. Cleaning the exterior made no difference.

The shutter was also slower than I had guessed. All of my shots were a bit overexposed.

201408 Spartus35_009
This isn’t a political blog, I swear.
201408 Spartus35_013
Chippy came along with us.
201408 Spartus35_018
Last year we found socks and shoes in our travels. Hats are new.
201408 Spartus35_021
Carriage house


This week’s images were shot at Maudslay State Park on Fuji 200 ASA and developed at home.