Olympus OM-PC – week 73 results

After its mirror repair, I enjoyed using the OM-PC. It performed as expected once I read the manual.

Initially the difference between the Program and Aperture Priority modes was not readily apparent. Setting the aperture to its smallest (highest number) allows the circuitry to automatically select both aperture and speed when in Program mode. There are no marks or locks on the lens to indicate this, unlike the Nikons with which I am more familiar.

When placed in manual mode the camera does not meter at all but will indicate the selected aperture in the viewfinder. Aperture is also indicated in the automatic modes, so they could be used to provide a metering baseline if you wished to do something unique in manual.

I found the included zoom lens a bit odd. It uses a push-pull motion, but pushing causes the lens to widen. This just feels backwards to my brain.

I shot through my roll of Hawkeye very quickly while on an impromptu trip to Mount Washington.  Alas, I seem to have had a dust issue in the developing process. It also had some interesting color shifts in development. I didn’t notice them initially as I’ve been working with Lomochrome Purple recently. I need to work on the process.

201407 OMPC001 201407 OMPC007 201407 OMPC014 201407 OMPC026