Instax 90 – Week 71 results

The Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic is a nice little camera that seems smaller than its name.

I found it to be “point& shoot” easy to use. It has two shutter buttons, one on top and one on the front such that one is always in easy reach regardless of the orientation of the camera. The shutter fires quickly with a soft click, and the images are ejected with a soft whir. There is none of the loud drama of an integral Polaroid.

I experimented with the various shooting modes and really enjoyed the double exposure feature. (See Cricket below.) The film develops in a minute or two, and the images do not need to be shielded. Fuji has Impossible beaten on this score.

My jury is still out regarding the neck strap. In general I find them to be a good idea, but this one seemed to be always in the way.

I took a while to warm up to the size and experience of Instax, but I really love the Mini 90.

201407 Instax90_003Beau
201407 Instax90_004Soul of a Dog II
201407 Instax90_005Macro mode
201407 Instax90_002Cruise Night