Nishika N8000 – week 68 results

Well, the N8000 wasn’t a complete failure.

By that I mean it made images, and even decent ones.

As a 3D camera, I’m not impressed. The amount of time needed to make a decent animation is more than I’m willing to spend. Perhaps better software could save it.

As a camera in general, the 3D ‘function’ compromises its usefulness. It’s large and cumbersome, with limited controls. On my example there is a problem with the film advance causing it to alternately skip exposures and then to double expose. I expected to find ripped sprocket holes when the film returned from the lab, but I didn’t.

I left the images in half-frame diptychs as they came from the scanner. If you look closely near the edges you can see how the 3D effect was achieved.

201406 Nishika026


201406 Nishika023


201406 Nishika021


201406 Nishika020

Model T

Back on the shelf with it.  I can’t say I’d recommend buying one.