Brownie Starflex – Week 67 results

The Starflex was a fun little camera. I can see the attraction of Brownies. I finished the roll very quickly on a camping trip.

The shutter seems to be slow, though.  Many of my images had motion blur and all were overexposed, even using 100 ASA film.  Motion blur isn’t always bad; witness Cricket:

http://Soul of a dog 2
I just love that wagging tail!

We took a trip to Seashore Trolley Museum for their Dog Day.

Arundel Station
Atlantic Shore Line

This was my last stashed roll of Efke R100 for 127. From now on I’ll need to cut my own film.  I haven’t worked with the Efke much, but I found it a pain to load on the reels and very curly to scan and store.