Yashica Minister III – Week 65 Results

Sometimes a camera just seems to shoot itself. The Minister III has nice balance, a bright rangefinder, and a smooth feel to its controls.  I blasted through a full 36 exposure roll in no time and sent it off to the lab.

I spent a bit of time planning an in-depth review of the camera, as I’d had a lot of fun using it. The images arrived yesterday, and here they are:




Yup. Nothing. Not a single image. Instead I received a cute note from my friends at the lab suggesting that I expose the film before shipping it to them next time. 🙂

A quick check reveals that the shutter in the Minister isn’t firing. It sounds fine, but it never opens.  FAIL. I’ve dropped it on the fix/sell pile. Perhaps I’ll get to diagnosing it some day, after I’ve finished all of the other projects in my life.  Onward. . .