SMENA 35 – Week 62 Results

The SMENA 35 is very much an updated plastic version of the SMENA 8M. The controls are virtually identical. Focus is via scale, delineated in meters, with cheat symbols (one head, two heads, family, mountain.) Aperture is set on the face of the lens, and this doubles as a film speed setting. Shutter speed can be set using weather symbols on top of the lens barrel, or real speed numbers printed on the bottom.

The counter is virtually useless, just like my other SMENAs.

It has one cool feature which is not immediately apparent. The shutter cocking lever has a large red knob on it which is visible in the viewfinder when the shutter is not ready to fire.

I had a ball with the 35. It's just a fun little camera to use. Unfortunately I am not destined to develop HP5 in Caffenol. After yet another failure, I loaded a short roll of FP4 and took the SMENA with me on a sunny morning. I'm very happy with the results.

This bridge hasn't moved in decades.
Hatters Point
Hatter's Point is an odd place, half condo and half ruin. From the street side it's hard to see the difference.
The Marina at Hatters Point uses this 1972 Grove for dock duties. They tell me it runs great but may never move from this spot again.
The food is OK; the car shows are great.


Shot on Ilford FP4 and developed in Caffenol Delta-STD 12:00 70F.