Ventura 66 – week 59 results

After a pair of false starts, I was very happy with the final results from the Ventura 66.  The focus is still very stiff; I may need to disassemble it and clean further. The bellows seems to be light-tight after its Plasti-Dip treatment. The camera is missing its shutter button, but the lens can be easily triggered by pressing ‘just the right spot’  on the side of the mechanism with your right index finger.

In short the camera is still no mechanical gem, but it works.

I took it to the Millyard in Amesbury on a bright, sunny day. I brought along a #25 red filter to increase contrast and shot Ilford FP4 film. It was developed in Caffenol. These images are straight from the scanner with no adjustments.

I’d say I got my $6 worth.