Week 66 – Kodak Duaflex IV

Manufactured between 1947 and 1960, the Duaflex series was a pseudo-TLR from Kodak. Multiple lenses and shutters were offered. Mine has the simpler, fixed-focus Kodet lens. The shutter has one speed plus bulb, and there is only one aperture. Although the camera uses a red window to monitor film position, it is equipped with a… Continue reading Week 66 – Kodak Duaflex IV


white shirt blue pants Smartwool socks "brass" - EMTPs for my collar, flag for my breast pocket safety glasses pen company ID stethoscope notebook trauma shears black belt O2 wrench glove pouch flashlight phone headphones wallet pocket knife duty boots reflective jacket sunglasses day bag lunch cooler overnight bag Bring it on, Sin City!

Polaroid Colorpack II – Week 64 Results

The Colorpack II is a cool Polaroid, if a bit quirky. The scale focusing is simple to use, and there is a mirror arrangement which makes the setting visible in the viewfinder. There are two apertures, marked 75 and 3000 for color and B&W film respectively. When shooting 3000 ASA B&W film, the depth of… Continue reading Polaroid Colorpack II – Week 64 Results