Week 58 – Ansco Readyflash

The Ansco Readyflash, circa 1953, is a sheet metal box camera.

It uses 620 roll film and takes 8 6×9 images per roll. It features a fixed focus lens with a single speed shutter. The shutter fires any time the button is pressed and does not need to be reset. Film advance is via a simple knob with a red window. There is no double exposure prevention.

The camera is constructed primarily of sheet metal with the lens and shutter in plastic. The film plane is slightly curved to assure focus across the large area. A latch on the bottom releases the internal frame which lifts out of the top for loading.

The Readyflash gets its name from a pair of terminals recessed above the lens for a flash adapter.  Alas, mine has lost its example. It did come with a portrait adapter which I have not tried yet. I’ve loaded it with Ilford FP4 for the week.

I don’t remember where I got it, but I guarantee I didn’t pay more than $10 for my Readyflash.