Minolta 16P – week 55 results

I like the 16P. Of my subminiature collection, it is my favorite so far. My Minolta 16 is completely manual, but the settings are easily disturbed. The 16MG has a coupled selenium meter with a match needle, but there is still no way to know exactly what the camera is doing. You simply align the pointers, and the camera chooses an appropriate shutter/aperture combination.

The 16P is all manual. It has a fixed 1/100s shutter speed; aperture is adjusted with a thumb wheel on the back. The scale lists f-stop numbers, but the ASA wheel adjusts a series of pictographs (sun, clouds, etc.) to assist with correct exposure. I can interpose my brain in place of the meter. I believe I would not have gotten some of this week's images with an automatic camera, but I could adjust manually for proper exposure.


My only complaint with the 16P is the shutter release. It is very light and easy to trip, and it doesn't have a lock. I know I wasted a few shots. I eventually learned to wind immediately before shooting. It's a minor quibble.