Bronica update

I haven’t forgotten to post results, I’ve just had a few setbacks.

I loved shooting the Bronica S2. The waist-level finder is big and bright, making focus easy. The aperture ring is large and easy to adjust. The sound of the shutter and mirror is fabulous.

There was a slight issue with a sticky aperture. It stops down for the exposure but doesn’t always reopen for focusing. A simple jiggle of the ring causes it to release with a click.

I shot my first roll of Portra before the initial post, and it was fabulous.

My second roll was HP5 which I developed at home in Caffenol.  I made a mistake, however, and lost the images.

Roll #3 is still in the camera, loaded into the second film back. It doesn’t seem to be advancing correctly, so I’m not sure what it will produce. I’ll be sure to post the results when I get them.


A note for those who receive the blog via email: Flickr seems to have changed something, causing the images to disappear. Click on the post title to see them all here.