Voigtlander Bessamatic Deluxe – Week 53 Results

When E6 film is exposed properly, it’s incredible.

I didn’t do most of this roll justice. I started out at the Mary’s Firemen for a Cure charity race at Shawnee Peak.  The long shots with bright white backgrounds were difficult.

I do love this one taken inside the lodge, but I missed the focus slightly.

The Bessamatic is a mechanical joy to shoot. I just love the sound it makes, a symphony of springs, cogs, and levers all performing their magic. I should record video of it for the blog, but I’m just not a video guy.

Using it one handed was a bit difficult; that’s not the camera’s fault.  After the mountain, my next opportunity to shoot was a cold, snowy day. I headed to Plum Island on a whim, but a squall whipped up. Most of those shots were disappointing. I did find this though:

A snow cat at the airport! A Pisten Bully trail groomer, in fact, parked across the street in an icy lot. I have no idea how long it has been there or how many times I’ve passed without noticing it. The orange cab stood out nicely in the snow.

Being all mechanical with a Selenium meter, the Voigtlander didn’t care a bit about the cold. I need to bring it out again when the weather is better.