Week 55 – Minolta 16P

The Minolta 16P is the third variant Minolta’s  16mm subminiature line featured on this blog. (See Minolta 16 and Minolta 16MG.) Produced from 1960 to 1965, it was a budget minded contemporary of the original 16. Unlike its fancier sibling, it does not fold. It has a single, fixed 1/100s shutter speed.

Aperture is manually varied from f/3.5 to f/16 via a thumb wheel. The camera is marked with weather symbols to assist with proper exposure. The scale is printed for films up to 200ASA, so that’s what I’ve loaded into it.

Mine was an inexpensive eBay impulse buy, and I haven’t run a roll through it yet. It will be a big change from carting around the Bronica.


Camera-Wiki doesn’t have much, but submin.com has a detailed write up on the entire line


eBay has them for very reasonable prices