Leica M6 – week 52 results

Every Leica enthusiast has a favorite model. The evolution from Barnack to M9 means there is probably a spot where your favorite combination of features was in production, and the cross-compatibility of most lenses lets you use your favorite glass.

I haven’t found that sweet spot yet, but it may be the M6 for me.

The M6 is a very nice camera. I like the weight. Everything feels smooth and solid. As with most Leica rangefinders, it’s very quiet to use. The meter was simple to operate, balancing the brightness of two LEDs in the viewfinder. I’m not sure what I think about the film loading system. It’s supposed to be simplified, but I find it easier to mis-load. The spindle in the M3 may be more finicky, but I know when I’ve gotten it right.

The M6 has 3 pairs of frame lines in the viewfinder, with the widest at 35mm. I find I must consciously think to frame 50mm shots.

I like it though. The meter makes it easier to use color and slide films, while the extra frame lines will be nice if I ever expand my lens collection. After a few more rolls, I should be proficient with it.

(Note: this week’s images were shot on FP4 and developed in my kitchen with Caffenol Delta-STD. It’s not really a fair example of what the M6 can do, but it displays some of the technical versatility of film. Coffee + soap + vitamin C= images!)