Kodak Etralite 10 – week 51 results

The Ektralite 10 is a nice snapshot camera. Kodak really hit the mark with this one. It’s not very special, but for quick and easy photos of the family, it just works. The 110 format produces a smaller, grainier image than I prefer, but this camera did a decent job with the conditions it was given. In the past I have achieved images good enough for my family’s annual photo calendar with this little gem.

There is a bit of technical confusion I must mention. I have seen a copy of a manual page stating the shutter is fixed at 1/170, yet others quote a pair of shutter speeds depending on which film was used. I don’t know if the specs changed during its long production run.

The Ektralite 10’s biggest strength is also its major weakness in my opinion: that big flash. It is always available to really light things up:

None of those lights are on. That’s all flash.
Yet it is also big and clunky and ruins the slim lines of the camera. Other 110 cameras fit in a pocket, but this one is only pocketable if you are wearing a flasher’s raincoat.

Feed me?R1-08800-0005.JPG


Overall, I’m not a huge fan of the 110 format, but I think this one does a decent job with it. If you find one for $5 or less, pick it up.


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  1. Maybe I’m just jaded from working in photo labs… But 110 is just a step about disc film which is the worst thing ever. 😛


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