Pentax ME Super – Week 49 results

From the moment I first handled a Pentax ME Super, I knew I wanted one. I was sold on its size and weight.  In use, however, I’ve been disappointed.

The camera reviewed here is actually my second example. The first was a cheap eBay dud. It happens, and it’s a risk I willingly take. At least it came with decent glass. Example #2 seemed better.

I still like the size and weight. I was able to wield it easily with one hand and not worry about dropping it. I found the small button on the lock wheel infuriating, as I need to use a fingernail to unlock it. I didn’t make much use of the manual settings, so I didn’t form an opinion about the buttons. I still find them cool.

The images, though. . .

Something went wrong. The camera never gave any indication that it was malfunctioning, yet only 4 exposures came out. One was severely underexposed, and the others were completely black. They were scattered throughout the roll, so I’m at a loss as to what went wrong.

From Pentax ME Super
From Pentax ME Super

I’ll probably come back to it someday and try to figure it out. It didn’t really stand out, and I have other things to try. It sure is cute, though.