Deputy Chief Murphy

Mrs. Mack505 is a bit superstitious about February. Bad things seem to happen for her. I try not to be superstitious, but I do joke that Murphy must be at least a captain because he certainly outranks this lieutenant. Today I feel like he’s been promoted to deputy chief.

We were supposed to go to Florida to visit family next week. A family member is on Hospice though, and it looks like his time is nearing. There will be no one left in Florida to visit. There may be a visit to the old Buffalo homestead for a funeral instead.

I’ve been playing phone tag with an old friend for weeks. He finally caught me last night to tell me he’s been diagnosed with a tough cancer and is making final plans.

The Utility is overdue for an inspection sticker. It had an appointment at the garage early this morning, so I took it to work. The plan was to go straight from work to the shop, then on to the farm. I could leave it at the farm and bring the car home.


I was held over waiting for my relief to come from 2 divisions away, at rush hour. It happens. When it was time to leave, my truck was nice and toasty warm. It was also locked up tight, and the spare keys didn’t work. AAA to the rescue!

Once I had access I threw my stuff inside and promptly slipped on the ice. I’d like to think I’ve learned how to fall, but my wrist still hurts.  I’ll never know if Dunkin Donuts got my order right this morning; the cup-holder broke and dumped my tea on the first left turn of the day.

The truck passed its inspection, but it does need a brake job. Cha-ching. All heavy-duty stuff.

Mrs. Mack505 is home with her own crises. She has multiple sick foster animals, and her hair stylist broke his thumb. (Sorry Ben. Looks like you were collateral damage.) Her father is stranded in NC with his dog and an impending snow storm. His car, which is both too new and too German to be troublesome, died on the trip home from Florida.

I made it to the farm by noon, badly in need of a shave and a shower, only to find the garage door won’t open. This is getting silly.

I refuse to be a pessimist though. We will get to visit with family eventually. We will also get to Florida. These may or may not occur simultaneously. My friend is in good spirits, and he is in a position to make his own end-of-life decisions. The AAA guy was prompt and courteous, and he opened my truck without any damage. I wasn’t seriously hurt when I fell. (EDIT: WRONG!) The spilled tea flowed into the footwell and out the side door with minimal mess. I made it to the shop without a ticket for my expired inspection. The brakes didn’t fail. The car started, and the water heater still works.

It’s not the day or the week I would have chosen. Hopefully I can make it home with a good lunch and no more surprises.