Week 48 – P6*6

This week’s camera is something very different. The P6*6 is a 3D printed pinhole camera by Todd Schlemm. He sells it as a kit, or you can download the designs and print it yourself. It has a 0.3mm pinhole, a 50mm focal length, and uses 120 film to make 6×6 exposures.

I purchased the kit. It arrived in a pair of ziploc bags, one each for the large and small parts. The instructions were very thorough, and were divided roughly into three parts. The first part covered printing the parts. While irrelevant to me, it was interesting. The middle section covered assemby, and the final chapter explained the basics of pinhole photography.

I found the assembly instructions to be striaghtforward. They were not arranged in a step by step format, rather using a narrative to cover the assembly and possible pitfalls. My biggest problem was securing the proper ABS cement. None of my local hardware stores carried it, but Amazon came to my rescue with two-day shipping.

Assembly was easy. I took my time in front of the TV and still finished in a single evening.

Todd tells me I’m his first ‘real’ customer, with previous kits all going to friends as prototypes. He has been incrementally improving the camera, with a new face plate design, a lens cap, and a retaining clip for the top.

I’m working on my first roll of FP4 now and will post the results as soon as possible.