Draft posts

When I started this blog, it had no purpose. I was merely playing with Blogger. The earliest posts were ramblings and scribblings, small dispatches from my life. Soon it evolved.

NfMH became a home for stories and anecdotes from work, a place to express the joys and frustrations of life in EMS. I enjoyed writing them, and I hope you enjoyed reading them. Those were heady times, back in the days of Google Reader. I had a long list of good EMS writers from around the English-speaking world, and we fed off each other's ideas.

Things change. Many of them stopped writing; others changed their focus. A few have made it their mission to improve our profession. While I wish them well, much of the fun has gone out of their writings. Twitter and Facebook have decimated the blogsphere. Today's Internet is about Likes and Retweets and rapid-fire interaction. A 500-word blog post might as well be a novel in many circumstances.

I changed too. In 2010 I took up a “365” photo project. It ran concurrently with my writing, but the photography gradually took over. I've been engaged with 52 Cameras for almost a year now, and this has become a photography blog.

I don't mind it being a photography blog. I've found a vibrant community of photographers on Twitter and in person. I feel the need to write more though.

The Pats are losing to Denver at the half, and I really don't care. It's time to mute the game and start extracting draft posts from the depths of my brain.