Kodak Tourist – week 46 results

I find myself returning to the Tourist on a regular basis. Despite its fixed focus and limited settings, it is a joy to shoot. The shutter release is located on the side of the folding bed. When depressed, the mechanism can be seen through the viewfinder, removing any doubt as to whether the shutter has tripped. It’s just cool in a camera-geek-y kind of way..

The Tourist can be a bit fiddly to load, however. It requires 620 spools in both the feed and takeup positions; the tolerances are too tight to fudge a modified 120 spool in there. I’ve learned from past experience that with faster films it is vital to keep the cover over the red window closed when not winding to prevent light leaks. That did not seem to be an issue with 100ASA Ektar.

In my opnion, the results are worth the effort of dealing with the quirks. It creates beautiful 6x9cm negatives which are 6 1/4 times as large as a 35mm frame. With the large exposure latitude of modern film, it’s virtually a point and shoot camera.