PDC Snapshooter – Week 43 results

I wasn’t very impressed by the Snapshooter.  As a toy camera to encourage photography, it fell short. Part of this is due to the limitations of 126 film in the modern world, namely the need to load your own cartridges. Once reloaded they must be handled with care. Even with factory film however, the experience could have been better. The camera uses elastic bands to assist in holding the film cartridge in place, but without them the front face is also prone to falling off.  When it comes apart, the shutter falls out in a small explosion of springs.  Framing is done with a simple plastic square, but the alignment is WAY off. Many of my images were cut off at the top.

In an era when cameras like the Instamatic X-15 were available, the Snapshooter was just a bit too unrefined.  Still this blog is about the experience of shooting various vintage cameras, and it was not a completely bad experience. I made a fair number of ‘keeper’ images. I just don’t plan to carry it around with me as it’s too fragile and fiddly to use.