Draft posts

When I started this blog, it had no purpose. I was merely playing with Blogger. The earliest posts were ramblings and scribblings, small dispatches from my life. Soon it evolved. NfMH became a home for stories and anecdotes from work, a place to express the joys and frustrations of life in EMS. I enjoyed writing… Continue reading Draft posts

Week 46 – Kodak Tourist

Introduced in 1951, the Tourist was the last of Kodak's folding models. It uses medium format 620 film to produce 8 big 6x9 cm exposures. Tourists were available with a number of different lens/shutter combinations; mine is a lower end model with a fixed-focus Kodet lens in a single speed shutter. Shutter modes include (I)nstant,… Continue reading Week 46 – Kodak Tourist