Week 42 – Argus 75


Produced between 1949 and 1964, the Argus 75 was a simple Bakelite pseudo-TLR. It features a fixed-focus 75mm taking lens (perhaps the source of the name?) It is essentially a box camera with a large, bright waist level viewfinder. Film advance is via a knob on the right side, with a red window on the back for frame spacing. It does feature double-exposure protection and a single speed shutter with a bulb mode. It has one fixed aperture.

Although designed for 620 film, it will accept trimmed plastic 120 spools in both the feed and takeup positions. It produces 12 6×6 exposures.

Mine is another thrift store find. I think it cost me $8. For this week I initially loaded it with 35mm film and shot sprockets. This can be done with a few easily reversible modifications, but it does require the camera to be unloaded in a darkroom or changing bag. That roll is at the lab, and I’m working on a roll of FP4 in 6×6 now.


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