Week 41 – Minolta Uniomat

At one point I had a 4 week review rotation on this blog:

  • Rangefinders/SLRs
  • Medium format & larger
  • Subminiature
  • Point & shoot, instant, toys & oddities

Special occasions and my G.A.S. derailed it.This week begins a new cycle, so I have a rangefinder for you.

The Minolta Uniomat is a beefy rangefinder manufactured from 1960-65. It features a selenium meter and a coupled exposure system. Adjusting the exposure ring varies both aperture and shutter speed simultaneously. It features a 45mm f2.8 lens and was also sold in the US as the Ansco Anscoset.

At $40 I probably paid more than I should have, but it was my first good thrift store find and a RANGEFINDER. It came with a ratty leather case which I have patched together with mismatched duct tape. All it really needed was a new neck strap.

I’ve loaded a roll of expired Tri-X black & white, and have a photo walk scheduled in Providence.


Camera Wiki

Manual for the Anscoset version from Mike Butkus

eBay link for both the Uniomat and Anscoset