My last two rolls of film were utter failures. Both were expired, but they were from batches which I have shot before without issue. For some reason, both Tri-X and redscale have failed me this week. Fear not, I will re-shoot in time to review the cameras in question.

On a related front, a third roll gave usable but awful exposures. I'm more forgiving in that case as it was a 126 cartridge which expired in 1973 and was mounted to one of the simplest toy cameras I've ever seen. It will provide a chance to try reloading cartridges, it seems.

Blog hosting has also left a bit to be desired. I've recently discovered that Flickr is not reliably serving images to my blog. Many of my older posts show a “photo not available” link, which does bring you to the photo if you click it. I am slowly resolving the issue by moving the images elsewhere as I discover the problem. If you find one, please leave a comment so I can fix it.

A new review drops tomorrow, and hopefully I will have images for it by Sunday. Meanwhile, here is a contented cat.