Week 39 – FPP Plastic Filmtastic 120


This week I felt like a toy camera, yet something large. I chose the Film Photography Project's 'Plastic Filmtastic 120.'

According to the folks at FPP, this camera was made in an unknown factory overseas years ago and was recently discovered in a warehouse in upstate New York. It has a 60mm f8 plastic lens, a single shutter speed, and two apertures labelled with sun and cloud pictographs. Focus is accomplished via zone (guess) using pictures on the lens ring. It also has a nice hot shoe for flash.

It is designed to make 16 6×4.5cm exposures on 120 roll film; but 35mm can easily be loaded with a few reversible modifications, allowing easy sprocket hole photography.

I loaded mine with an old roll of Lomography 400 color 120 and took it on a rail car trip.


You can buy them new from FPP for the whopping sum of $19.99. If you've never tried medium format photography, this is a cheap and easy first experience.