Polaroid SX70 Model 2 – week 38 results


Shooting with the SX70 was fairly easy. The camera is held at an odd upward angle in order to keep the lens perpendicular to the ground. The split image focus was easy to work with, although it is located near the bottom of the viewfinder instead of in the center.

I soon discovered that even with the ND filter in place I had to set the exposure wheel two clicks toward darken in order to get proper exposures. Occasionally the mirror would lock up and the camera would refuse to fire, but another press of the shutter button would release it. About half of the time it would eject photos with enough violence to toss them completely out of the camera.

It won’t be an everyday shooter for me, but at 41 years old it’s entitled to a few quirks. I had fun with it.

201309_SX70_002 201309_SX70_003201309_SX70_001