Instamatic X-15 – Week 37 results

In fine Kodak fashion, the X-15 was a camera for the masses. Wind, point, shoot. There are no settings to concern a photographer. The only choice was whether to use a flash or not.

I found that I worked through a 12-exposure roll very quickly once inspiration struck. It's a shame new film cartridges are no longer available. I developed at home using a Rollei C-41 kit and saved the cartridge for (hopeful) future reloading.

About half of my exposures were usable, but most required lightening in post-processing. I'm not sure if the film was too old or merely too slow. The brighter images show an interesting effect where the image continues into the film rebate at the bottom and sides. I'm not sure how this effect was achieved, but I did not crop it away.

Good old Locust Towers again.
Speaking of obsolete


Overall, the X-15 was a neat little camera but not especially memorable. Its obsolete format means it will spend most of the time on my shelf. If 110 film can make a resurgence, however, perhaps 126 will be back some day. We can hope.