Week 37 – Instamatic X15


In 1963, Kodak introduced the Instamatic for its 126 cartridge film. Instamatics were produced in one form or another until 1988. My X-15 was produced sometime between 1970 and 1976. It is a simple plastic viewfinder camera with no options.

Although Instamatics were primarily known as snapshot cameras, 126 format rangefinders and even an SLR were produced by Kodak and others. The film is no longer available, but expired cartridges can be found on eBay and it is possible to reload them with 35mm film. I'm using a very expired pack of Kodacolor VR this week.


126 film, the Instamatics, and the X-15 all at Camera Wiki. Follow the links, there is a wealth of information.

I don't have a manual. Wind, point, shoot. Pretty simple.

Want one? There are always thrift stores and eBay, but in this case I bet you already have one. Go ask a parent or grandparent. It's in the back of the hall closet, top shelf, next to the Polaroid.