FED 2d results – week 35

The FED 2d had a more difficult learning curve than I expected. Our photo walk day was overcast and I was metering using only the Sunny 16 rule. The shutter speed knob moves easily and I know a number of shots were improperly exposed. Fortunately Portra 400 is very forgiving.

The green skin was a real attention getter, which is always fun in a crowd of camera nuts.

I was initially unaware that the eyepiece had a focus adjustment and was dismayed that it was extremely fuzzy. The adjustment is almost too easy; I found it easily bumped. The biggest issue, however, was a dislodged spring on the pressure plate. At first the camera was jamming and tearing film. Once I discovered the source of the problem it was easily fixed.

The FED 2 is not nearly as polished as my Leica M3, and I suspect it is not up to the standard of a Leica III either. For what it is, though, my ‘FEDka’ was interesting to use and produced some nice images. The challenges were worth the effort.