Week 31 – Kodak Vigilant Junior Six-20


 Produced between 1940 and 1948, the Vigilant Junior Six-20 is a folding camera for 620 roll film. It takes 8 6x9cm exposures per roll. The lens is a fixed focus Kodet with apertures from f12.5 to f32. The simple shutter has three ‘speeds’: Time, Bulb, and Instant.

Framing is via a folding sport finder or a small waist level finder. The waist level unit pivots to allow portrait or landscape use. Like the Kodak Tourist, this camera requires dual 620 spools. The dimensions are too tight to make a modified 120 spool work. I loaded it with a respooled roll of Portra 160 and took it out on a sunny afternoon.


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The eBay link covers both this camera and its slightly fancier, non-Junior sibling.