Sears TLS 1000MXB – week 30 results

The TLS 1000MXB is a tank. I don’t have my scale handy, but it’s all metal and feels very substantial. Controls are the usual aperture ring on the lens and shutter speed knob.

I was mistaken about the meter in my earlier post. The meter works automatically with Sears lenses, but not with my Chinon. In order to meter you must push the film advance lever inward. The lens stops down manually, and the meter then provides an accurate reading.

Soccer Mom, on HP5 using the Sunny 16 rule.

Another Man’s Treasure, expired Tri-X using internal meter.

Reflected Selfie


One Man’s Trash


All except Soccer Mom shot on expired Tri-X using the internal meter. Developed in Rodinal 1+100 stand for 60 minutes.

I had low expectations for this camera. It came very cheaply; it’s a pretty basic SLR sold by Sears after all. However I am very happy with the experience and the results. I’m not sure if it is actually a good camera, or if it was just the right camera for this week. Simple and manual feels good right now.