Week 30 – Sears TLS 1000MXB

After my recent foray into novelty cameras, I felt the need for something “serious.” I went to the back of the SLR shelf and came out with three contenders. Beth made the final selection, a Sears TLS 1000MXB.

The TLS 1000MX was a rebadged Mamiya product introduced in 1974. As best I can find, the B is simply a black version. Beth indulged my need for substance well; the MXB is an all metal beast with fully manual controls and an M42 lens mount. Mine is fitted with a 55mm f1.7 Chinon lens. The meter is off by approximately 4-5 stops, so I won't be using it. I've loaded a short roll of HP5, and I have a short roll of very expired Tri-X on standby.


Here's the Mamiya parent at Camera Wiki.

Manual, from Mike Butkus as usual.

You can find them on The Bay quite cheaply of you are patient.