LOMO LC-A results – week 27

After using the LC-A for a bit, I am beginning to understand the cult attraction. It has a nice heft and balance. It fits in my pocket. The film advance and focus are manual. The only electrically-dependent function is the exposure metering, and that can be manually overridden.

I packed it along on an end-of-summer day trip to one of my favorite cities, Providence, RI. Before I realized it I had exhausted my first roll of film.

My only gripe is one common to most zone focus cameras: I simply can't focus it properly. In lower light situations where depth of field may be short, or in closely framed situations, my shots are out of focus. I need to remember to carry my BLIK rangefinder.


Pawtucket used to have a cool train station. This is what's left of it.

Beth starts her political career on the steps of the RI statehouse.


The bus tunnel is 100 years old. I suspect streetcars originally ran through it.