Week 26 – Minolta 16

Bond, James Bond. . .

The Minolta 16 is a classic “spy camera.” Although Q Branch issued Minoxes, the average person could not tell one apart from this. My 16 is a collapsible camera with a 22mm fixed focus lens. It folds smaller than a pack of cards and easily fits in a pocket. Small wheels on one end adjust aperture and shutter speed, and there is no meter. It uses Minolta 16mm cartridges which are still available via the Internet, and they can be reloaded with skill and patience. Each cartridge holds 20 exposures. Opening and closing the camera body automatically advances the film. Mine appears to date from around 1960.

I loaded up a cartridge of 200 ASA color and took it to the MA Morgan Horse Show. . .


Camera Wiki


As is often the case, it was an $8.00 eBay find.