52 Cameras – Week 23 results – Minolta XG9

As this project progresses, I begin to wonder how professional reviewers do their jobs.

“It was a nice enough car, but it was silver. I prefer blue ones.”

“It was, um, a movie. Some people got shot, stuff blew up. The gratuitous sex scene was pretty good. Go see it if it's raining today.”

I love most of my cameras. There are a very few strong favorites, and I've had a bad experience or two. For the most part, I enjoy their quirks. Sometimes I feel like I'm running out of different things to say, though.

The XG9 is a nice little SLR. It seems lighter than most. Shooting was easy with the aperture priority automation. The automatic metering when you touch the shutter button is neat. I didn't try any manual shots, but I did force a stop of overexposure here and there to account for backlighting.

I can say that this was the first E6 film I've shot in a while, and the first that I did not cross-process in even longer. I'm very happy with the results from Fuji's Velvia 50. I just love the colors!