52 Cameras – Week 25 – Brownie Bullseye

Introduced in 1954, the Brownie Bullseye (right) is a Bakelite big brother to the Brownie Hawkeye. It features zone focus and an eye-level viewfinder, and it uses 620 roll film to make 8 6×9 images per roll. (By way of contrast, the Hawkeye makes 12 6×6 images from the same roll. While smaller, that is still over 4x as large as a 35mm image.)

I almost bought one at a flea market recently, but for some reason I passed it by. This past week I received this example as a gift from a family member. I’ve loaded it with FP4 black and white for the week.


Bullseye at the Brownie Camera Pages



 A note about past weeks: I haven’t forgotten them. They are delayed for a host of reasons but should reappear in my mailbox soon.