52 Cameras – Week 25 results – Brownie Bullseye

The Bullseye was loads of fun. It takes huge 6x9 images, and I found myself burning through film. The first roll of FP4 disappeared in no time, and a roll of Ektachrome E100 quickly followed. It has a few interesting features. The shutter is set by winding the film, and a metal "lightning bolt" drops… Continue reading 52 Cameras – Week 25 results – Brownie Bullseye

52 Cameras – Week 23 – Minolta XG9

I'm in an SLR mood this week. The Minolta XG9 was introduced in 1979. It is a manual focus, aperture priority camera with a manual override mode. Interestingly, the meter does not function in the manual mode. The shutter is electronic and will not function without batteries. One interesting feature is the metering. Simply touching… Continue reading 52 Cameras – Week 23 – Minolta XG9