Week 20 results – Dolly redux

I tried again with Dolly, and this time I didn’t lose the film.  Partway through the roll I realized the shutter has a cable release socket, so I attached one and alleviated the problem with the odd release action.

The results were disappointing.  This is my first experience with Efke R100, and I blame myself.  The images were overexposed and very grainy.  The exposure may be my fault or may be a sticky shutter; the grain is probably due to my developing process.  I used my default Rodinal 1+100 stand development. Next time I will try something more conventional.

A few of the images were more exposed on one side that the other. Perhaps it is a sticky shutter and not my eyes.

Twinkie truck. My favorite from the roll, taken on Route 5 in Holyoke.
Golf portrait
Ericka @ Skinner State Park/Mount Holyoke