We promise to ease their suffering, and they give undying devotion in return. We feed them, shelter them, care for their health, and when the time comes we provide a merciful end.

It’s never as easy as it looks on paper.

When we lost Chang, I penned an eloquent and emotional post.

When Jasmine received her diagnosis, I cried out in pain.

We swore that she wouldn’t suffer. We would do all that was medically reasonable and enjoy the time we had left together, however short. The pills have been annoying, but she held up well. We still had fun together. Sunbeams, catnip mice, and moths have made the passing months wonderful.

Until this weekend. We watched her fail inexorably. We cuddled and comforted. I don’t have another eloquent post in me right now. We promised not to let her suffer.

Too short. She should've had another decade. She's the youngest of our colony and should have seen Beth graduate. The universe has cheated her and us, but we promise not to let them suffer. Rest easy, baby girl. There's no need to fight it anymore.


Jasmine left us peacefully around 11:00 this morning. Our hearts are heavy. . .