52 Cameras – Week 19 results – Minolta 110 Zoom SLR

This camera was loads of fun, with a few quirks. Exposure is automatic based on the selected aperture. If the shutter speed is out of range, an LED triangle lights in the finder pointing in the proper direction to turn the exposure wheel to correct. If the shot is acceptable, no feedback is provided.


This disturbed me slightly, as there is no way to ensure that the batteries are functioning properly. A quick scan through the manual, however, revealed that the mirror will lock up and the shutter will not fire if voltage is too low. (This can be overridden in the X mode for fixed speed/variable aperture shooting with no batteries.)


Manual focus was smooth, and the zoom worked fine. I prefer a split-image focusing screen over the micro prism style, but I managed. The single stroke film advance lever added to the fun snapshot feel that goes along with many 110 cameras. As I was shooting 400 speed film in good light, there was not much opportunity to experiment with depth of field.


I'm very happy with the results.

Horse Show Zamboni

1948 Seagrave

The sign says it protected the Bush compound in Kennebunkport until 1990.

Bunkhouse. The centerpiece of the Deerfield Fairgrounds was built as a dormitory for the Pawtuckaway CCC camp during the Depression.

Who says water & electricity don't mix?