52 Cameras – Week 18 – Yashica D

The Yashica D is a nice, hefty twin lens reflex (TLR) camera of unknown vintage.  I’m guessing mine dates from around 1960.  It features a pair of 80mm Yashinon lenses; f3.5 for the taking and f2.8 for the viewing lens.  Shutter speeds are up to 1/500 with M or X sync for bulbs or electronic flash.  The shutter must be manually cocked via a lever on the side of the taking lens before shooting.  Film advance is via a knob on the right side.  Pushing a button on the knob releases it to advance one exposure, then it locks again.  There is a mechanical counter next to the knob.  It takes 12 6x6cm exposures on 120 film.

From 52 Cameras

Focus is via another knob on the right side of the camera.  The entire front of the camera moves in and out as it focuses.  The waist level finder is nicely bright, and it features a flip-up magnifying loupe for fine focus adjustments.  It has no light meter.

My example came from a local seller via Craigslist.  Without giving away all my secrets, I’d advise you to check out IFTTT if you want to haunt your local list for similar bargains.  I’ve loaded a roll of Ektar 100, attached my FPP Super Groovy neck strap, and plan to take it on a hike in the White Mountains this week.