52 Cameras – Week 16 – Holga 135BC

My first toy camera was this Holga 135BC. When I bought it I was enamored with the idea of the soft focus and vignetting, but I was not ready to jump into 120 film. The 135 uses 35mm film and has an internal mask to emulate the black corners of its larger cousin.




Focus is via the “guess” system. Mine has lost its icon sticker, so the focus requires even more guessing than usual. It features two apertures with icons for sun and shade/flash. Reportedly these equate to somewhere between f11/16 and f13/20. Shutter speed is switchable between a fixed 1/100-ish and Bulb. It also has a cable release socket and takes easy double exposures.


I've loaded a roll of 400 ASA color and have been playing with my snap-on wide angle lens. Stay tuned.



General Holga history at Camera Wiki

Want one? They're still available new from multiple sources. My original source is currently out of stock, but they are available from Holga Direct right now.

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