52 Cameras – Week 15 results – Minolta 16MG

More light leaks!!!

These particular leaks I understand. My 16MG has a hole in its back. It’s the size and shape of a “red window” hole, but this camera isn’t suposed to have one. I’m not sure why it is there. I’ve covered it with tape, but my first attempt was not fully light resistant.


Shooting with the 16MG was nice, subject to the quirks of an old camera. The lens cover must be fully retracted to release the shutter. On a few occasions I had to wiggle it before I could take the shot. The meter seems to work well, and the film advance is via a large thumb wheel which turns approximately 1/4 turn per frame. A red bar advances within the wheel to indicate film progress. It makes for a cool effect.

The combination aperture/shutter speed control means it is virtually impossible to know exactly what the camera is doing for any given shot, but this was never intended to be a profesisonal device. The exposure will work for snapshots, and that’s all you really need to know.


This bridge and statue should look familiar, as they are favorite subjects.